How to use ezviz device via iVMS-4200



Download: EZVIZ for DVR

Download: EZVIZ for NVR


For your protection and to prevent unauthorized access, a password reset can be performed only when you are physically with the device or have access to a computer on the same network as the device.

By requesting a password reset for your product(s) on this website you acknowledge that you are authorized to initiate the password reset and take full responsibility for this action.


Reset Password using SADP for DVR/NVR with Firmware v3.3.4 or latest 



Dvr Ocx Clean Software DVR Ocx Clean 18/07/13 495 byte
Guide User DVR Ocx Clean 18/07/13 72 KB

CMS Software CMS 18/07/13 7.439.244 byte
Guide User CMS 18/07/13 72 KB

7216DH Software 7216DH 18/07/13 13.337.058 byte
Guide User 7216DH 18/07/13 72 KB

6816C 16CH 2.3.54 Software 6816C 16CH 18/07/13 6.549.681 byte
Guide User 6816C 16CH 18/07/13 72 KB

6808C 8CH 8189 2.3.54 Software 6808C 8CH 18/07/13 6.240.161 byte
Guide User 6808C 8CH 18/07/13 72 KB

6808 2.3.70 Software 6808 18/07/13 6.256.883 byte
Guide User 6808 18/07/13 72 KB

6404D 4CH 2.3.54 Software 6404D 18/07/13 6.251.408 byte
Guide User 6404D 18/07/13 72 KB

6108C 2.3.54 Software 6108C 18/07/13 6.240.152 byte
Guide User 6108C 18/07/13 72 KB

6104C 2.3.54 Software 6104C 18/07/13 6.256.889 byte
Guide User 6104C 18/07/13 72 KB

MS-8804NI-E1/4P         MS-8808NI-E2/8P Software      
Guide User Quick Start Guide    

How Reset Password Software      
Guide User How Reset Password    

NVR MS-8800NI-E  Software FirmwareV3.4.92 170228   15.6 MB
Compatible NVR E SERIES    


Software Firmware V3.4.5_170124   28.4 MB
Compatible IPC-B3542H, IPC-D2142F-SH, IPC-3555H   1 KB 

Act Firmware 

S0xxTurbox English Version



  27.0 MB
Compatible S04/08/16TURBOX    

MS-TA8400QH  TurboHD DVR




  43 MB
Compatible MS-TA8404/08/16QH   1 KB